We don’t only specialise in swimming pool chemicals and commercial pools you know. In fact JAK have so many other products for your home and garden. Have you ever been to next door’s BBQ and seen some stunning garden lights, or looked over the fence to see a giant garden pouf to lounge around on this summer? Us neither, but never fear, your garden full of our lights and garden furniture can now be the talk of the street!

We have our stunning lights with an EU plug, which are rechargeable and completely waterproof with a remote! Perfect to give that little bit extra to the garden when the sun goes down, and also what gadget guy doesn’t love a remote?!

Coming in numerous different styles and designs, this is sure to be one that fits your taste and needs. Having 2 different chargeable capabilities, the Pro Lite lasts up to 20 hours once fully charged. Whereas the EZ Lite lasts up to 10 hours once fully charged. All lights are cordless and can be moved around the house and garden to fit in with your needs.

Lights Plattoon EZ Lite Droop PRO Lite Stoons 2Blue Light

So what about during the day when you want to lounge around in the garden? Simple, you want to look at our Pouf’s. Air Concept Outdoor collection of pouf and chairs can be inflated and deflated according to your needs or season. The inflatable structure is weighted down with the water filled reservoir, which prevents it from blowing away in the wind or bad weather. Its fabric cover has been treated to protect it from sunlight, chlorine, humidity and mould. To create an original atmosphere, the pouf’s luminious braid lights up at night. When winter comes, simply deflate the Air Concept Outdoor pouf, which can then be folded and neatly stored away. What more could you possibly ask for from your garden pouf.

Our poufs are available in 3 different sizes. XXL, perfect for laying and reading on. 55cm, ideal for little bottoms whilst having a picnic in the garden or as an extra perch. Finally the 75cm pouf is just what you need for an extra seat in the garden, and with the bright covers available they can add that little bit extra to your garden.

Stopper Symbol Casing Symbol  Wash SymbolAir Concept Diagram Pink PoufGreen PoufLarge Green Pouf


Last but not least, are you planning on popping down to the beach? If so, how annoying is it when you have a nice towel laid on the beach, only to take it home at the end of the day just covered in sand. What you need is one of our pop up tents, with adjustable visor, perfect for laying on the beach, or even on the grass at home! Bright in colour and easy to lay out and put away, what more could you ask for?

Beach Tent

All of these products are only available from JAK Water, well, why would you want to buy them from anyone else? JAK’s customer service and product knowledge is second to none, even if we do say so ourselves!