Lagoon 180ml

  • Coloured water remains fully transparent
  • Developed by dermatologists in collaboration with the CNRS
  • No staining and is hypoallergenic
  • No effect on pH or instrumental readings.

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  • Product Description

    To ensure that your party or event is a complete success, you need to work out how many cubic meters of water you currently have and ensure that you have the right amount of Aqua Couleur to go with it.


    Cubic Meters Product Volume
    0.75 m3 15ml
    1.5 m3 30ml
    50/70 m3 180ml
    150/170m3 528ml
    250/270m3 859ml
    350/370m3 1188ml
    450/470m3 1518ml
    550/570m3 1848ml


    We would also recommend the product Aqua Couleur – Premio, which can be used to remove any small pockets of chlorine which can bleach the colour.


    If you require any assistance of guidance in purchasing Aqua Couleur, please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done using the number supplied in the Contact Us tab.


    Aqua Couleur is a temporary water colourant; it does not affect the balance, transparency or quality of your pool water.  It is totally hypoallergenic and will not cause ill heath if accidentally swallowed in its diluted form.  This product has been vigorously tested in collaboration with the pharmaceutical department of the French National Research Centre.


    It looks great in publicity material and is guaranteed to gain your pools lots of attention!

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