BPR application date for Calcium Hypochlorite

The BPR replaces all existing national legislation governing the registration and/or authorisation of biocides in the EU plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Serbia and Liechtenstein.

Calcium Hypochlorite has been approved for product types (PT) 2, 3, 4 and 5 and the approval date is 1st January 2019. That means relevant companies should submit product authorisation application before the end of this year.

Melspring is preparing EU authorisation dossiers for all Melclorite products, containing Calhypo produced by Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. for PT 2 and PT 5 applications. For our distribution partners that prefer to continue offering Calhypo under their own private label, we can offer the possibility for On-boarding with Melspring and Same Biocidal Product registration.

Please contact your JAK for more detailed information. We would be pleased to help you with your individual registration process or BPR issues.

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To accommodate our growing customer base and to continue to meet our expanding business operational requirements, we will soon be moving location to: –

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Our last day of operations at the current location is 18th August 2017.

Our new contact phone number will be – 01789 333313

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We look forward to continuing to do business with you at our new location.


SPATEX 2017 31st January – 2nd February

Pool, Spa and Wellness Show


Come and visit us on stand F20 at the show, as always Jim will be on hand to answer any of your questions and queries regarding Swimming Pool Dosing & Equipment.

The FlowTab II – Calcium Hypochlorite Dosing System is on the stand demonstrating the new and unique use with variable DC speed pump motors, which can be controlled via 4-20mA signal directly from the swimming pool controller. Offering the added advantages of ultimate control of the pool chlorine residual and the added cost saving of pool chemicals.

If you’re attending the show why not pop in for a chat.


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Back in summer 2015 we had the opportunity to supply to one of the most well-known English Holiday centres – Centre Parcs. As many of you will already know, Centre Parcs are all over the UK, offering a family holiday within a stunning setting, normally a massive woods. Your family can bike together, climb together, play together and swim together.

They haven’t got any old swimming pool though, they have a ‘Subtropical Swimming Paradise’. Offering holiday makers fitness classes, general swim sessions, aqua jets and snorkelling, it is safe to say that the pool has a lot of visitors each and every day!

For this reason they looked for the best chemical dosing systems, so naturally it made sense to consider JAK Water, the manufactures and installers behind the FlowTab II Calcium Hypochlorite Dosing System.

Due to the high volumes of water and high bathing loads, Centre Parcs didn’t require 1 Flowtab, they didn’t require 2, but in fact needed 3 FlowTab II systems incorporating a total of five pumps, dosing on average 50Kg of Calcium Hypochlorite per day!

JAK Water working alongside H20 Servicing attended the site to install and commission the FlowTab II systems at the Whinfell Forest site at the start of 2016, all is operating as expected and the Client is satisfied with the installation.  So that’s another 3 FlowTab II systems to add to the ever growing portfolio of projects. Not bad from a drawing on the back of a napkin 15 years ago!