BPR application date for Calcium Hypochlorite

The BPR replaces all existing national legislation governing the registration and/or authorisation of biocides in the EU plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Serbia and Liechtenstein.

Calcium Hypochlorite has been approved for product types (PT) 2, 3, 4 and 5 and the approval date is 1st January 2019. That means relevant companies should submit product authorisation application before the end of this year.

Melspring is preparing EU authorisation dossiers for all Melclorite products, containing Calhypo produced by Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. for PT 2 and PT 5 applications. For our distribution partners that prefer to continue offering Calhypo under their own private label, we can offer the possibility for On-boarding with Melspring and Same Biocidal Product registration.

Please contact your JAK for more detailed information. We would be pleased to help you with your individual registration process or BPR issues.

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Melclorite Logo

Looking for an alternative product but not sure whats available or comparable?

There are several products in the market today, but with the introduction of the Biocide directive since last September some of these brands will most certainly disappear. Surprisingly not all Calcium Hypochlorite is the same, and when considering different products you should include in your evaluation the following factors :-

  • available active chlorine
  • insoluable material
  • water content
  • BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012 registered

Why? well for the following reasons:-

  • the more active chlorine the less product is required to maintain free chlorine, making a saving straight away.
  • the less insoluable material then the less blockages, contaminants and maintenance costs, again saving on downtime and engineering costs.
  • the more water content the safer the product, as the lower the water content the more risk there is of flammability.

Its all common sense really!

So with this in mind I come to Melclorite, a good number of years ago we developed the FlowTab – a calcium hypochlorite feeder system and after a few prototypes we came up with a workable system which has been successful in the market place for nearly fifteen years and still have early units operational today. Not satisfied with the quality of the calcium hypochlorite we were trialing, we looked for another source of product and found Melclorite.

  • Melclorite boasts 70->75% available chlorine (10-15% more than any other brand)
  • Melclorite is manufactured in Japan with a patented process and has 3 to 5 times less in solubles
  • Melclorite is considered the safest calcium hypochlorite in the world with 12.5% moisture.
  • Melclorite is suitable for use in all well known Calcium Hypochlorite dosing systems.
  • Melclorite competitively priced to compete against well known brands Melclorite is registered with the Biocide Directive

Available in granules, 20g tablets and 200g tablets Suitable for Municiple or Potable water applications Costing and usage studies and references available on request.

Melclorite could be the best business decision you make ……….

Did you know that actually JAK Water Systems is quite a dynamic and diverse Company. Not only can we offer you a wide range of chemicals, both commercial and domestic, but we can also offer you service contracts, spare equipment and training. There is no job too big or too small for JAK Water. Whether you are part of a large management company or a community funded pool, JAK can provide you with competitive quotes for everything you could possibly need on site.

Need examples? That’s easy. Blanford Leisure Centre, Dorset, has just received a brand new bund for their plant room. West Lindsey Leisure Centre, Gainsborough, has a brand new Poly Aluminium Chloride (PAC) Dosing System. Fresh Fitness, Skegness, have had their tiles repaired and re-grouted.

That isn’t enough? Okay then. FT Leisure has installed our brand new Calcium Hypochlorite Dosing System (FlowTab 11) at a new site in Huddersfield. Stratford Leisure Centre are the proud new owners of 2 completely refurbished filters. World Leisure have a brand new Ezetrol Plus’ on site, ready for fitting, and Blackwell Adventure has had their pre season start up service ready for a busy summer!

See, JAK can help you with almost everything on site. From paint to tiles, chemicals to covers, and training to filters. All you need to do is drop us an email giving as much information as possible for the work you wish to be quoted, and sit back and watch JAK Water save you money and deliver you the best service in the industry.

Now that summer is finally here, our Facebook pages, Instagrams feeds and inboxes are full of family and friends sharing their pool and spa pictures. But did you know that using specialised swimming pool chemicals is actually really important this season. Not only does it ensure that your water is clean and safe but it can also save you money!

Don’t get me wrong, the whole swimming pool chemical thing can be quite daunting, but it really doesn’t need to be. Don’t fall into the trap of getting confused and buying the wrong chemicals or countless products that you just don’t need! There is dosing your pool, and then there is overdosing, and we don’t want that!

In general there are three rules of thumb, manage the pH and chlorine level of the water and test regularly, that’s it!

Here is my simple guide to make sure you have a safe summer with your pool chemicals.

  1. Work out how much water you have!

All chemicals products should state how much to use in the volume of water that you have, so knowing the amount of water is super important! If you are unsure you can pop over to our pool volume calculator, or work it out yourself; for instance in a rectangular pool the equation is: – Height of the pool x length of the pool x depth of water, for example 269cm x 175cm x 51cm = 2.40 m3. 1m3 is the same as 1000 litres.

  1. What product is best for you?

Now you know your volume of water, you need to ensure that you find the right product for you. As I mentioned earlier, you need to make sure you get this bit spot on; otherwise you will not get the best out of your pool or spa! With our example volume of water, we would be looking at the Pool Power Mini Quick product. Mini Quicks are designed to dose small pools and spas.

For larger pool volumes above 20m3 you would need to look at our bigger chlorine tablets or granules.

  1. Will I need any other bits and bobs?

You will indeed! Obtaining the correct pH level in any pool is paramount for obtaining the best results from the added chlorine.  Ideally this should be between 7.2 and 7.6, pH correction tablets or granules can be used to obtain the correct level.

Dosing floats are really handy if you have no dosing chambers on your pool or spa.  These will hold the tablets required and bob around whist not in use. Remember to take them out before you get in!

Regularly testing your pools chlorine and pH level is important, so you will need a means of testing.  The easiest and quickest way is with a Test Strips, you will then know for sure if you need to put more chemicals in, or if you don’t?

  1. Order your product!

Now you know just how much water you have and what product is perfect for your pool, come back and order it here!

  1. It’s here!

What are you waiting for? Let’s start dosing! Make sure you have read the instructions fully and understand them. With all chemicals, the first time you treat the tap water filled pool, you need to first test and adjust the pH level. Retest to be sure that you have the correct level, then chlorine ‘shock’ the water (which means that you will need to put extra chemicals in, to give it that boost, this is at a rate of 3 times the normal dose rate). Don’t panic, you won’t overdose and you only need to do this once! Test again before using to make sure that your levels are right.

  1. Splish Splash Splosh!

Now’s the time to get your swimmers on and enjoy your pool! Don’t forget to check your pool daily with your test strips and keep that pool dosed safely! Your water may need dosing more than you expected; this can be down to the location of your pool, the amount of people hopping in and out, as well as how much sunlight is in contact with the water. It’s not an exact science but careful monitoring is key.

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