Centre Parcs

Posted on 28th April 2016
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Back in summer 2015 we had the opportunity to supply to one of the most well-known English Holiday centres – Centre Parcs. As many of you will already know, Centre Parcs are all over the UK, offering a family holiday within a stunning setting, normally a massive woods. Your family can bike together, climb together, play together and swim together. They haven’t got any old swimming pool though, they have a ‘Subtropical Swimming Paradise’. Offering

The JAK Engineer

Posted on 21st April 2016
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As I’m sure you can imagine with a coverage area only restricted by the coast line of the British Isles, with so many sites we support, best laid plans can soon go out the window. We always aim to respond to any callouts ASAP, which can results on regularly having to adjust our plans from hour to hour during the day, because of this we aim to offer a high standard of phone support as

Mossbrook Special School

Posted on 12th April 2016
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Receiving a phone call in the office for a quotation isn’t unusual, however when Mossbook Special School rang earlier in the year, their quotation was going to be something special. Providing equipment for the hydrotherapy pool, used by the special needs student that attend their school, to allow the students to benefit from hydrotherapy, something that they had been unable to have recently. When Sheffield Council rang with their requirements for a new automatic chemical
Lovibond Water Testing

Are You Ready For The Summer?

Posted on 12th April 2016
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With the Easter egg hunt now behind us, it’s time to prepare for the summer and lose those extra chocolate pounds. For those lucky enough to own or have access to a swimming pool, life is made a lot easier. But are you – or is your pool more to the point – ready for that first plunge? Before you do, make sure the water in your pool (or Hot Tub) is pristine clean –

JAK’s Very Own – Flowtab 2

Posted on 29th March 2016
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We aren’t just engineers you know, we are designers too! We have designed, manufactured and fitted our own piece of chemical dosing equipment in hundreds or sites up and down the UK and across the world! The Flowtab 2 is a calcium hypochlorite dosing system. Designed with the user in mind, making it as easy and cost effective as possible. Dispensing calcium hypochlorite tablets in a safe, economic and trouble free manner. Each Flowtab is