JAK Water Systems is the UK distributor for Aqua Couleur.

What’s aqua couleur? Good question, Aqua Couleur is 100% hypoallergenic temporary pool dye, available in numerous different colours. Ready to give your pool party, your charity event or your home pool that wow factor, leaving people speechless and in awe!

How does it work? Simple, just bring down your chlorine level to below 1 part per million (ppm), pop in the aqua couleur, and voilà, an event to remember! Preparation is always the key, a full user guide and technical support is provided throughout.

Our Aqua Couleur is available in;


Fuchsia Aqua Couleur








Deep Ocean Aqua Couleur


Lagoon Aqua Couleur


Mango Aqua Couleur


Aqualloween Aqua Couleur


Turquoise Aqua Couleur


Lavande Aqua Couleur



You have to admit, they are pretty eye catching! Here at JAK Water, we love Aqua Couleur and have had it in vases jotted around the office, but don’t take our word on how awesome they are, here are quotes from some of the sites who use Aqua Couleur for any and all events!

Lee, General Manager at Brookvale Recreational Centre, Runcorn. Managed by, Places for People Leisure.

‘The kids in party sessions love this theme now and they have been a real success in terms of income and word of mouth as this really does give you something new and innovative. The kids (and parents) faces when the pool water changes colour is priceless.’

Phillip, Maintenance Manager at Waendle Leisure Centre, Northamptonshire. Managed by, Places for People Leisure.

‘The colour is fantastic and is a great bit of fun for our customers. We are using the colouring on some charity events and have had requests since for the pools to be coloured which we find very encouraging.’

Steve, Duty Manager at Duben Pool, Suffolk. Managed by, Places for People Leisure.

‘I have ordered Aqua Couleur for my previous site and the reactions from public were so good and I have introduced it to my new site.

The colour range advertised are all really good having tried them all, but I recently found that did not stop there, the staff at JAK introduced me to the possibilities of mixing new colours and provided ratios of each colour to make some fantastic shades. Orange or Red Halloween Parties, Pink Valentines Night Swim are a few of the events we now run each year.

I would defiantly recommend Aqua Couleur to any pool looking to make a special activity individual and fun!’

Steff, Manager at Tisbury Swimming Pool, Wiltshire. Managed by the community of Tisbury.

‘We had the colour orange for a special pool party. I poured it in about an hour before the party start and the colour was instantly amazing. With our filtration it covered the pool within say 15mins.

A few of the party goers were so amazed and appreciative, they loved it. So the colour lasted fully for about an hour.

But as the pool manager I would recommend this product to any pool for a great special effect. And we will most definitely be using it again for special occasions. Our pool is constantly in use for private hire and customers have even asked us to supply a coloured pool for their parties having seen the pictures.’

So if you fancy adding a talking point to your event or party then please contact us at JAK Water for up to date prices, user guides and safety datasheets. Don’t forget, if you are seeing these imagines as a parent or organiser of an event, please speak to your local pool about using Aqua Couleur!

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