Back in summer 2015 we had the opportunity to supply to one of the most well-known English Holiday centres – Centre Parcs. As many of you will already know, Centre Parcs are all over the UK, offering a family holiday within a stunning setting, normally a massive woods. Your family can bike together, climb together, play together and swim together.

They haven’t got any old swimming pool though, they have a ‘Subtropical Swimming Paradise’. Offering holiday makers fitness classes, general swim sessions, aqua jets and snorkelling, it is safe to say that the pool has a lot of visitors each and every day!

For this reason they looked for the best chemical dosing systems, so naturally it made sense to consider JAK Water, the manufactures and installers behind the FlowTab II Calcium Hypochlorite Dosing System.

Due to the high volumes of water and high bathing loads, Centre Parcs didn’t require 1 Flowtab, they didn’t require 2, but in fact needed 3 FlowTab II systems incorporating a total of five pumps, dosing on average 50Kg of Calcium Hypochlorite per day!

JAK Water working alongside H20 Servicing attended the site to install and commission the FlowTab II systems at the Whinfell Forest site at the start of 2016, all is operating as expected and the Client is satisfied with the installation.  So that’s another 3 FlowTab II systems to add to the ever growing portfolio of projects. Not bad from a drawing on the back of a napkin 15 years ago!

As I’m sure you can imagine with a coverage area only restricted by the coast line of the British Isles, with so many sites we support, best laid plans can soon go out the window. We always aim to respond to any callouts ASAP, which can results on regularly having to adjust our plans from hour to hour during the day, because of this we aim to offer a high standard of phone support as well. It would be a waste of your time and money just to arrive on site to confirm an issue or just flick a switch. This obviously helps our customers as it reduces their down time and keeps their costs down. There is no additional charge for any phone support to our sites. Our aim is to increase the knowledge of the staff on site so they can become more confident and self-sufficient.

As I’m sure anyone who spends a large amount of time on the road will understand, the seemingly ever increasing amount of road works and other traffic delays soon become the bain of your life. Luckily Leisure Centres always tend to open early in the mornings allowing me to get on the road early to miss the rush hour traffic. I normally aim to be on the road between 0500 and 0630 depending on the plan for the day. Unfortunately this doesn’t normally end up with me getting home between 1300 and 1430 like a normal shift people may do.
Here is an example of an average day as a JAK Engineer.

I start by leaving me home in the midlands at 0500. Main task for the day is to start servicing sites in Peterborough. When we have works around the same area more than 2 hours away we will regularly overnight at a local hotel to cut down on travel etc.

The night before a callout was requested to as site not far from our offices in Lincolnshire, so my plan was to go there first then on to Peterborough. Not really what you would call on the way but needs must.

Arrive at site around 0730 having stopped for a coffee on the way. As always we report to the duty manager to confirm the problems they seem to be having. Luckily it hadn’t been reported as an intermittent fault. Intermittent is the worse word you want to hear on a callout as you can always be sure it won’t go wrong whilst you’re there.

As it turns out the issue was just a split pump diaphragm. We aim to carry a large amount of parts and spares on our van to allow us to fix problems with one visit. While it is good to find the problem we respect our customers want the issue fixing ASAP. So with the diaphragm replaced and the rest of the system checked over, get my sheets signed off by the duty manager and it’s back on the road.

Looking at the plan for the rest of the week I could do with picking up some parts from our office so as it was local I headed there. Arrived at the office to the tired looking faces of the girl’s just starting work at 0900. “All right for some”!

Spend about an hour at the office tidying up a few loose ends and topping up spares in the van. By now it’s 1030 and time to head to Peterborough. Fingers crossed the traffic is kind and it should take just over an hour.

Not long after leaving the office, I had a call from a customer having issues with their dosing pump. The issue sounded like quite a simple fix so rather than arrange to visit, I found a layby and called him back to talk him through it.

A 20-minute conversation and a stop for a bite of lunch, sees me arrive at Peterborough at 1215. When on site to carry out a service we always discuss with the duty manager if there have been any issues recently so I can look out for anything while going through checks etc. All of our servicing is carried out as manufactures instructions and recorded via a tick box method.
By 1700 I have got the first of the 3 sites in Peterborough serviced. Due to hotel availability I was staying about 25 minutes outside the town. With the joys of rush hour traffic, I arrive about 1800. Just in time for a wash then find some food before most likely falling asleep watching the TV.

That is a pretty hassle free day compared to some. With this type of work, it is very much a case of you have some good days and some bad days. If you prefer an office job or clocking on clocking off shift work, being a service engineer on the road isn’t for you, but if you like being out on the road seeing new places and having every day being a little bit different and challenging like I do, it’s a great job.

JAK can offer you numerous different services, from call out to consultations, from servicing to training, JAK can help with it all. Why not give us a call and be a part of our JAK engineer’s diary.

Receiving a phone call in the office for a quotation isn’t unusual, however when Mossbook Special School rang earlier in the year, their quotation was going to be something special. Providing equipment for the hydrotherapy pool, used by the special needs student that attend their school, to allow the students to benefit from hydrotherapy, something that they had been unable to have recently.

When Sheffield Council rang with their requirements for a new automatic chemical dosing system, JAK Water were able to guide, advise and offer a suite of suitable products allowing for the best solution at the best prices.

The equipment has been on site for several months now and Mossbrook Special School and their students couldn’t be happier.

Here is what Gayle had to say about her experience with JAK Water.

‘I am very happy to say that we found the quotation process very efficient. I would also like to say that our equipment was installed by knowledgeable polite, helpful and professional staff. The equipment is fit for purpose easy to use and has enabled us to now access the pool for our children. I would recommend JAK Water to my colleagues.’

Lovibond Water Testing

With the Easter egg hunt now behind us, it’s time to prepare for the summer and lose those extra chocolate pounds. For those lucky enough to own or have access to a swimming pool, life is made a lot easier. But are you – or is your pool more to the point – ready for that first plunge?

Before you do, make sure the water in your pool (or Hot Tub) is pristine clean – not only for appearance sake (think of that first BBQ with the neighbours!!) but, more importantly, to ensure it is safe for family and friends alike.

Most of us are aware of the importance of checking the Chlorine (or Bromine) levels. But do we all take the time to monitor other levels that might have a short or longer term affect on the pool? In other words, is your water “in balance”?

For most pools, the water should be in balance if the pH value is kept within the recommended range. However, there are other factors that can have an effect on the condition of the water. Regularly monitoring and maintaining Alkalinity within the proposed range keeps the pH stable and helps the effectiveness of disinfectant used in the pool. High Alkalinity levels reduce the effectiveness of adding acid or alkali to the water: low Alkalinity levels increase their effectiveness: either way, pH levels are more difficult to change.

Changes in Calcium Hardness levels can affect fixtures and fittings within the pool. Low levels often result in the loss of grout around the tiles, as the water tries to satisfy its need for calcium. High levels can lead to build up of calcium, leaving deposits in the pool structure and pipe work. This can reduce the efficiency of the filters, increasing maintenance, labour and time. High levels can also affect other tests, including the DPD test for Chlorine.

An ideal, slightly positive Balanced Water will leave a thin layer of Calcium which acts as protection against corrosion.

JAK Water offers a range of Lovibond® water testing equipment that will make checking these levels easy – even fun. Ranging from simple, visual kits to easy-to-use electronic systems, there is something to suit everyone’s requirements and budget levels. What easier way than to use your supplier for chemicals to also provide the testing equipment.

Why not introduce the latest technology to your pool testing regime? Download the App – PoolM8 – (completely free for Android™ and iOS®) where Balanced Water Readings (or the Langelier Index) can be calculated, saved and even mailed.


Written by Elizabeth  Wilkinson – Marketing Manager – Lovibond Tintometer