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With a team of highly trained swimming pool engineers, we can assist you with all breakdowns, servicing and installation needs. We offer industry chemical dosing equipment, advice, installation, chemicals, trouble shooting, maintenance, servicing, spares and training. We are; independent, innovative, experienced, cost effective and reliable. We operate throughout the UK and have a proven track record of customer service and care.

JAK Water was founded in 2003, with broadening horizons and the birth of the FlowTab (calcium hypochlorite dosing system) JAK was destined to evolve and extend its business portfolio. Today JAK has the ability to offer a complete package of services from plant installation, maintenance, chemical supplies, training and consultancy. We offer online purchasing through our website and strive to make our products and services more accessible to our Customers.

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JAK have over 30 years broad and in depth experience of all water treatment solutions. We are always looking for new ideas and products, keeping abreast of the latest technologies and methodologies. We endeavour to offer the best products and services at the best prices ensuring quality, customer service and dependability. Our swimming pool engineers are trained to an exceptionally high standard, offering you installation works, servicing and breakdown cover.

JAK are dedicated to serve and work for you

Industry Standard Brands

JAK work closely with our business partners in Europe, ensuring an international presence and influence is supported both in the UK and worldwide.

JAK Water Systems have designed, developed and manufactured the FlowTab II. With a proven track record and suitable for both municipal and potable applications it has been successfully distributed world wide as a leader in calcium hypochlorite feeder systems.

JAK Water System are the approved UK supplier of Melclorite N.X – Calcium Hypochlorite tablets and granules, and is fully registered and compliant under the biocidal regulation

For the domestic pool and spas, look no further than Pool Power. Providing a complete range chemicals with ease of use in mind.

JAK Water Systems work closely with Melspring International B.V (formally Melchemie) who have been in the chemical market since 1936 and operate in over 40 countries.

JAK Water System are the approved solution partners for Evoqua Water Technologies. Our swimming pool engineers can assist you with all Evoqua dosing systems.

JAK Water System would like to present to you “AQUAcouleur” a patented process, unique for its temporary colouring and tested for its use in swimming pools, spas and fountains

How to work out the correct dosage for your pool

Swimming Pool

It is crucial that you use the correct dosage of chemicals in your swimming pool. Therefore, it is essential that you know the correct volume of water in your swimming pool.

To help you work this out we have developed an online calculator to help you calculate the actual volume of water in your pool, based on its dimensions.

Product Range

Large outdoor swimming pool

We have a range of publications and brochures to provide you with all the information you need to keep your pool in its best condition.

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