The fully automatic calcium hypochlorite dosing unit designed specifically for calcium hypochlorite tablets. The FlowTab II has been designed and engineered to dispense calcium hypochlorite tablets in a safe, economic and trouble free manner.

          Benefits of FlowTab IIflowtab 11 003 (3)

  •               Automatic flushing system
  •               Fully automatic chlorine preparation system.
  •               Efficient usage of available chlorine, No Waste.
  •               Scale formation reduced.
  •               No electrical mixers or agitators required.
  •               Maintenance kept to the absolute minimum.
  •               Attendance by operational staff is substantially reduced.

Technical Features

  • Automatic/Manual control
  • Fully Automatic cleaning in place system to provide a longer maintenance free operation.
  • Constant strength solution – adjustable between 0.1% to 1%.
  • Compatible with automatic controllers.
  • Manual over-ride.
  • 12kg Storage Hopper for calcium hypochlorite tablets.
  • Quality dosing pump/s for reliability.

FlowTab II Quality Assured

As quality and safety standards increase within the water industry, the use of calcium hypochlorite, particularly in tablet form, is becoming the most popular option due to its ease of use and dosing accuracy.

The FlowTab II is designed to produce a constant chlorine solution on demand with only two to three litres of solution held within the preparation chamber. The necessity for bulk chlorine storage tanks and the possibility of spillages are removed, resulting in a safer operational environment.

Staff are only required to maintain the supply of calcium hypochlorite tablets within the storage hopper. Scale formation within the system, including pipe work and injection fittings, is kept to an absolute minimum.

JAK Water Systems has developed the FlowTab II specifically to handle calcium hypochlorite tablets within the water treatment industry and our extensive knowledge and experience in material handling and chemical dosing has helped us to design and manufacture the most reliable, simple and low maintenance equipment in the market.

The FlowTab II is suitable for Pool, Potable and Sewage treatment. Factory built and tested, supplied as a complete pre-package unit, with its own safety bund, providing simple installation.

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